4 x 1/8 x 5/8 SRT Flextron Grinding Wheel


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100 in stock

4 x 1/8 x 5/8 SRT Flexible Grinding Wheels for Metal/Stainless Steel, Type 27 Shape
Flexible grinding wheels combine the benefits of depressed center grinding wheels, resin fiber discs (sanding discs) and flap discs into one revolutionary product.
Flexible grinding wheels combine the benefits of traditional fiber discs, grinding wheels and flap discs to produce a product that is truly versatile and capable of meeting all your grinding, shaping, finishing or sanding needs.Because of their flexibility, there is more wheel surface on the material being ground, making for faster grinding efficiency.
When a smooth finish is important and contours and corners have to be blended, flexible wheels get the job done.
A flexible grinding wheel absorbs vibration resulting in less fatigue and downtime.
Exclusive non-woven reinforcement
Pearl Abrasive flexible wheels are double-reinforced with a top layer of non-woven fabric and an internal layer of reinforcing cloth. This adds the element of safety and stability to the wheel.
  • Superior surface finish
  • Less vibration
  • For ferrous metals; iron, steel, and other high tensile alloys.
  • Flexible construction.
  • SRT™ (Synthetic Resinoid Technology).
  • Contaminant free (Fe + S + Cl <0.1%).
  • 30_¡ angle.
  • T-27.
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