About APSS

Welcome to American Patriot Sales And Service

American Patriot Sales and Service is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business

(SDVOSB) offering a broad product line with streamlined procurement.  We manufacture several products as well as distribute for several manufacturers.  Our specialty is Maintenance and repair, Hazmat, and Tactical gear. Our CEO is a retired MSG that served in several deployments, hand in hand with you.

Field Representatives 

APSS has field representatives that gather information and needs on a daily basis in order to deploy products designed specifically to meet your needs.  We listen to our customers who provide valuable information regarding what we produce or introduce. This input allows us to adapt to your changing situations on the battlefield, or in garrison command. Our field reps will provide service and support through the entire procurement process.

We work for you, so you don’t have to place too much effort or worry about your up-and-coming deployment needs, or reconstitution needs.

Our reps monitor your order during the procurement process, update you and often will deliver directly to you.  We find this helps to achieve the best accuracy, and completion of your orders.  If there is something you don’t like about your delivery, you can speak directly to your rep at that time.

Military Procurement Vehicles

No matter what uniform you wear, our mission is to provide the specialized equipment and related services you need to complete your mission.  As buying vehicles change we keep you informed on the best way to procure your needs in the most effective and responsible manner.

APSS features a wide-range of contractual vehicles to make product acquisition as easy as possible. Our contractual vehicles are simple to use and each has its own advantages dependent upon specific customer requirements.  Our reps will help you understand the advantages of each and which will best suit your needs.

APSS utilizes procedures that shorten the “logistics pipeline” to provide rapid response and the best possible pricing to our customers.

Military Packaging and Marking

APSS can handle any required military packaging and marking including the use of MILVANS or ISO Containers. Whether the equipment needs to be stenciled or marked in a particular way, or needs to comply with any packaging requirements, we have the experience and equipment to do the job properly. We ship to APO’s for FREE, when you go down range so do we.

Custom Equipment Fabrication

If it is not out in the marketplace we will introduce it for you. For these instances we tap into a broad network of manufacturers and craftsmen in the USA, to custom fabricate any piece of equipment. In the past we have custom designed and built deployable arms rooms to coveralls to meet cold weather demands in Afghanistan. Whatever you need, APSS will design the product for you, oversee manufacturing and deliver by your dead line.