1/2″ x 600″ COPPER 1800°


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100 in stock

Poly-Temp® Copper Tape is used for cleaner, high-temp, threaded, anti-seize applications.
Reduces required torque, applies easily, seals tightly, overcomes high-temp seizing.
Protects against corrosion, rusting, and galvanic pitting. Temps. -450° to 1800°F (-268° to 982°C).


Type Thread Seal Tape

Style Extra Heavy Duty Anti-Seize

Size 1/2 x 600

Tape Width 0.500 in

Tape Length 600.000 in

Total Height 0.880 in

Total Width 3.000 in

Total Length 3.000 in

Material Copper/PTFE

Color Copper Colored

Operating Temperature [Min] -450 ºF
-268 ºC

Operating Temperature [Max] 1800 ºF
982 ºC

Operating Temperature Range -450 to 1800 ºF
-268 to 982 ºC

Weight 0.120 lb

Temperature Rating -450 to 1800 ºF
-268 to 982 ºC

Quantity per Package 1

Easy to apply from handy plastic spool.
Will not squeeze out and rub off like grease based products.
Discourages seizing, galling, and carbon fusing.
Compatible with a wide range of chemicals.
Non-flammable, non-staining.
Inhibits corrosion, rusting, and galvanic pitting.
Meets MIL Specs. T-27730A (ASG) and AA-58092.
Excellent pipe thread sealant up to 500°F (260°C)

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